About Us

Our Vision

Through the use of our knowledge and contacts, we
would like to send Indian citizens to various countries to
get the benefit of international exposure, cultural
exchange, international immersion and international
settlement. We intend to give our customers multiple
options and offer these options at very affordable costs.

Cultural Exchange
Our Vision.1

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is the exchange of differing ideas,
beliefs, customs and traditions between people with
different backgrounds. The objective of our programs is to
promote exchanges in order to foster mutual
understanding and tolerance of other cultures. By living
and working alongside the locals, you will also gain a
better appreciation of your culture and also challenge
established perceptions.

Our History

Kareer Krafters India Pvt ltd. (formerly International Connections) established in 1998, is actively involved in several avenues
for getting short term and long term international exposure and in many cases, opportunities to settle in a country.
We strive hard to develop affordable opportunities for gaining practical work experience and employment opportunities in several countries.
To create another brand that will focus on Study Abroad and education-related opportunities, we started a new firm TALENT MAGNIFIERS.

Our Achievement

  • Assisted more than 1500 people to migrate permanently to New Zealand.
  • Introduced the UK and Canada Working Holiday program in India
  • Introduced the Australian internship program in India.
  • Popularised the USA Exchange programs in India and have sent more than 7,000 students and young professionals since 2006
  • Introduced the Singapore internship program in India and sent more than 1,000 students and young professionals since 2011
  • Set student visa record by assisting a 53 year old person to study in UK, a 52 year old person to study in New Zealand and a 46 year old person to study in New Zealand.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Stand out from the crowd with the unique perspectives, skills, and experience you gain when you study abroad. The advantages of studying
abroad are far-reaching and universal. To reap the maximum advantage of an international business school experience, be sure that you
understand your goals and can find a program that helps you achieve them. Earning an education abroad provides students numerous
personal and professional benefits. The unique experiences you gain as an international student will develop you as an individual and make
you more attractive to companies that are eager to hire graduates who can help them excel in today’s truly global economy. No matter your
study abroad goals, the advantages are universal.

By living and studying in a foreign country, you can gain a greater understanding of your personal heritage and values. Exposure to different outlooks, customs, and ways of life means your beliefs will be challenged. Some will change forever, while others will evolve or gain even stronger footing. Interacting with native populations and fellow international students also allow you to develop greater respect for other cultures, values, and norms. With greater perspective, worldviews, and tolerance, you can become a more independent, self-reliant, and confident individual in both your personal and professional life.

Become A More

As an international student, you have the opportunity to participate in valuable life experiences and develop new skills that will benefit your resume. With an immersive study abroad experience, you can learn or master that country’s language at social, academic, and professional levels. In addition, leadership styles often differ from one culture or country to the next, and you can learn how to work with—and gain a better understanding of—different leadership and business styles.
In an international business school environment, you’ll gain valuable experience working with a diverse team and be able to apply those skills to the workplace to help you manage or work with people from all walks of life. Your exposure to a new culture affords you a broad and sophisticated worldview and diversifies your thoughts and values. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to form partnerships and work effectively when tackling global or multinational challenges.

Develop Marketable

Students who study abroad often stand out from other job candidates with skills that can only be gained from overseas experiences, such as strong cross-cultural communications, global perspective, and familiarity with international standards, laws, and regulations. As an international student, you’ll learn from and alongside people from diverse backgrounds and locations, which means that everyone will bring their unique solutions and point of view to exercises, discussions, and case study analysis.
Additionally, if you study in a country with an emerging economy or challenging business climate, you can gain first-hand experience and learn to respond quickly and nimbly to unpredictable or uncomfortable situations. This adaptability and exposure to different points of view, makes you an attractive candidate and helps you differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded job market.

Gain The

If your goal is to work or have a career abroad, it is advantageous to also study outside of your home country. Studying in the country or area where you want to eventually work abroad is beneficial, as the network you develop in business school often plays an important role in connecting you with job prospects and other local networking opportunities. In this scenario, you also experience the region’s people and culture first-hand which can help you assimilate and transition to a career in that country or area. But, regardless of whether you study abroad in the same region where you want to work, an international business school experience of any kind will open doors for you outside of your home country. The unique experiences you gain abroad will make you more attractive to companies looking for hires that are personable, effective, and comfortable in multicultural settings.

Open International

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We are creating unique opportunities for Indians to get global experiences through academic and work
exchanges. We are very passionate about what we do.
Our team is also well trained, very helpful and friendly to talk to and always looking at ways to make our
clients life easier and stress free.
To help us in our mission, we are constantly looking to meet exceptionally talented youngsters to
communicate with people face-to-face, market our programs through seminars, through social media and
for back-end processing. We encourage creativity and our team strives to be the best in our country.

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