We have identified very interesting summer courses for your students to augment your syllabus which reflects the latest developments in the field of Science & Technology, Business, etc. The courses which we have identified are in leading and famous cities of Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


    As College

    As college graduates are increasingly expected to enter the workforce ready to contribute, Experiential Learning is becoming more and more prevalent within higher education programs. This hands-on approach to education encourages and requires students to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to dynamic, complex professional situations.

    COVID-19 is changing the way educators are thinking about experiential learning. We help educational institutions build and scale high-impact, hands-on, learning programs by partnering with industry.


    We are introducing some unique programs to enhance the value of your offerings to your students. Business is moving at the speed of light and with so many business disruptors in every industry, the past business climate is no longer relevant.

    All these activities are designed to expose your students to Real Company Projects with Real Stakeholders Expecting Real Outcomes and Providing Real Feedback Real, Reference-Worthy Experience. We can also assist your students to participate in the Live Business Case Studies competition. So, we are introducing

    Live Business Case Studies

    Live Business Case

    Live Capstone Projects

    Live Capstone

    Co Op Projects


    Scalable Software To Keep A Better Track Of All Student Activities

    Scalable Software to keep a better track of all student activities

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